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The blessed/cursed Guts Cards for the carpet work on Saturday were always a topic for heated discussion.

Short explanation – the Guts Cards hold brief information of each Initiate for the Leaders on each carpet at the Saturday Guts process. This information used to be gathered at the ‘What’s at Risk’ process, the pre-weekend questionnaire and the questionnaire on Friday. The Initiates’ Buddies/Mentors would compress this information Saturday morning and write down what they interpreted as important.

Since I am part of the ManKind Project (2008) the North Eastern Community has always had Guts Cards and the way it was explained to me was simple. They are part of doing our best to keep the Initiates safe and if worse comes to worst serve as evidence for the insurance company.
They often get mixed up as cheat sheets for the facilitator, which they are not.
The way we have adapted these cards is that we hand out a ‘Safety List’ to each carpet Leader and the Full Leader, which allows to identify the Man and shows medical and mental conditions, which may become a concern.
Minimal crucial information is only needed; like ‘sexually abused’ or ‘recent death in family’ – events that could re-traumatise the Man on the carpet. And the collection of this data is done by 2-3 senior Staff, medical information has been flagged by the GP in the pre-check already.

What is on this list ?

  • Name
  • Spirit Name
  • Photo
  • Bandana/Team Colour
  • Medical ‘Red Flags’
  • Mental ‘Red Flags’

Your thoughts/input on this …


  1. Demian Natakhan


    I have not seen GUTS cards in action, they sound useful to me, to get a head start on the process.

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