Melbourne’s first training was held in May 2010, where 32 men completed the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) at Camp Jungai in Tunerong Country near Alexandra. We have also held NTWA trainings in 2014, 2015, and 2016 at Grantville Lodge on the coast of Western Port Bay on BoonWurrung Country. Each time, approximately 40 men got what they came for. Future trainings will continue at Grantville.

Our next NWTA is to be held in August 2017.

See for details.

Many iGroups (Integration groups) currently run in Melbourne, to welcome and support men that have completed the NWTA anywhere in the world.
Details are here:

There are Information Nights in which the NWTA experience is described, and where you can ask questions of men who have experienced the weekend. There are also Open Men’s Circles that welcome and support men who have not done the NWTA, in which you can get a sense of how we work.

Come along to one of the nights and see what it is all about! Or contact us: phone details and an enquiry form are here:


Gardenvale I-Group / Open Men’s Circle
108 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale
Every 2nd THURSDAY 6-45 for a 7-00 start
A men’s open circle meets on the intervening Thursdays at the same time.
Contact: Peter Lustig,  0407 196 669
psl [at]

Kulin I-Group
10 Tuckett Street, Alphington
(In a Mongolian Yurt in back yard)
Every 2nd TUESDAY
Contact: Demian Natakhan, 0468 309 863
demian.natakhan [at]

Coburg I-Group
Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House, 104A Reynard St, Coburg
Every 2nd WEDNESDAY 6-45 for a 7-00 start
Contact: Andrew McClymont, 0458 274 242
amcclymont1 [at]

Central Victorian I-Group
Taradale, VIC 3447
Every 2nd FRIDAY 6-45 for a 7-00 start
Contact: Luke Shavak, 0418 100 972
lukeshavak [at]

Geelong I-Group
Every 3rd THURSDAY 6-45 for a 7-00 start
Contact: Andre 0431 969 802
nyeuble [at]

For more information and exact dates for the Victorian groups and events go to the “Events / Calendar” page at the MKP Victoria Site
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