Newsletter July 2013


I want to use this opportunity to honour Klaus Daro for his time and energy he put into the IT sector, especially with establishing the IT & Marketing team for MKP Australia.
His path is taking him on different tracks, therefore for any kind of IT related issues contact
Thank you, Klaus for your give-away.


Since early this year we have also put in place a ‘support hotline’ for your needs regarding MKP IT issues.
ALL request are to be sent to
We are working closely with the IT team in the USA therefore in most cases it is not necessary to contact them directly.

This email address is constantly attended and also acts as point of contact for people who are interested in our work.


Since the beginning of 2013 the new Warrior platform is active named : MKPconnect.
If you haven’t done so yet, please acquaint yourselves with the new web system for Warrior Profile and Mailing Lists.
Go to  and check it out.
A manual on how to use the new platform is available at :


The new brochures have been printed and distributed to each MKP-AU centre. The whole quantity printed for Australia was 12,600.
1,800 were distributed to each Centre, leaving 3,600 in waiting for a later use.
Costs for printing and images was taken care of by MKP-Australia.
A big ‘Thank You’ goes to Darren Porter who did the awesome design work.
Please contact  if your group/centre requires more brochures.

A digital version is available here. :



Grow your skills for your work within the ManKind Project or outside in your family, work, friends circle …
LEADERSHIP TRAINING  Module 1 will be held in Brisbane August 16-18th.
More information here.

Contact Stuart Mitchell  0499 160 500



Last night we had our regular meeting of the bodies that make up MKP-Australia. It is a meeting which is highly valued by all participating parties and is seen as the one that brings and keeps the MKP-Australia Community together.

To access the minutes from the meeting click the following link :

In 2012 we had a very successful MKP Australia Community Gathering in Minto near Sydney. The possibility is still available to have one this year.
To find out, if this is viable we ask you to take a couple of minutes and fill out this short survey at the link below.
Thank you for your input.

MKP-AU Community Gathering Survey



In order to support organisation which run similar programs or offer workshops to enhance skills that are useful in our work, a page has been created to offer a space for these Non-MKP events. Go to  OTHER EVENTS  on to check out what’s on offer.
Usually a Man within MKP is part of or has experience with the organisation that wants to ‘advertise’ through the MKP channels.
We believe this kind of cross-pollination is important in reaching for a wider Community.

At present the Woman Within weekend in Perth needs attention, as they are closing the registration very soon.
Contact Melissa Frey today, if you have interest or any questions.

phone:  0415 854 515
Waratah Woman Australia Committee



This Newsletter is sent out to the ‘Australian Broadcast’ list. It will act as a communication tool for important notifications to the MKP-AU Community, like NWTA dates, training opportunities, other events and meeting minutes.
We have put lots of effort into reaching out to as many Men as possible with best precaution to contact Men only who are active and interested in receiving mails. We further try to keep the text in the actual mail to a minimum and have the full version available on the website.

This broadcast list is not a discussion list !  It will serve for announcements only and there are stringent rules to keep the mails to the necessary minimum.
If you want to be taken off this mailing list or for any IT help regarding MKP Australia, please contact