Newsletter November 2013

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Well Being – MKP SURVEY

A week ago (3. 12. 2013) you received an email asking you to offer some of your time to complete a simple online questionnaire regarding the impact the work of MKP made in your life.
Please give this mail some attention and take a few minutes in your day, as it will help to improve what we do and to better reach out to the wider Community.

Bellingen Community

As some of you know, earlier this year the Bellingen Community has left MKP Australia.
READ the reasons for the decision and the MKP-AU Board’s response,
a letter to the Australian Community from the Men of Bellingen or
DOWNLOAD the letters here.

News from the Community and Board

Victoria took the step into Regionalisation and registered the association “MKP Victoria” the business which will run NWTAs in Victoria.
READ here or click to

Next New Warrior Training Adventures

Mark these times for your staffing experience.

Koonjewarre, Gold Coast Hinterland, QLD
March 20th – 23rd 2014

Minto, Sydney, NSW
May 1st – 4th 2014

Camp Woody, Perth, WA
May 15th – 18th 2014

The dates for the second half of 2014 will follow shortly.

Diploma of Counselling

The JIGSAW Consulting Group is running an 8 month training for Diploma of Counselling in the Northern NSW area starting early 2014.
The course is accredited and can be financed through a governmental supported VET Dept.
CHECK OUT there website for more details.


MKP-AU Board News in regards to the Bellingen Community

Please read below a letter from the MKP-AU Board, their response to the Men of Bellingen leaving MKP-AU and the initial notice from Bellingen.
Following is the letter from the Men of Bellingen addressing the MKP Australia Community.



Below are letters to the Board of MKP Australia Ltd from the Men of Bellingen and the Boards’ reply.  For those who may not know, MKP Australia Ltd or MKPAL, is the corporate part of the ManKind Project.  It is a not-for-profit company registered with ASIC and which holds the licence from MKP International to run New Warrior Training Adventures in Australia and to use the name “The ManKind Project”.  The MKPAL Board is a group of elected Men from the Community who do their best to steer the MKP Australia boat into the future.

I put this out to the whole of our Australasian Community so that there are no secrets; there is transparency and that each of you may read, consider, debate and ponder what is and what might be.

Questions your Board is grappling with at present include:

1            MKPAL finances which, starting next year, will be critical. 
How will it support each community?

2            What are the intentions of each community? 
What do they want from MKPAL? 
Can they start supporting themselves and what would that look like?

3            What does the Australian Community want to see from MKPI? 
What areas would each constituency like to take on for itself and how would that work?

4            What can your MKPAL Board do to empower the communities to take on more responsibility for themselves?  

5            How then might a connection be maintained throughout the Country and what would that look like?

We absolutely welcome input from each of you; after all, we are your Board and without your views and opinions being heard, we’re just a bunch of men having it on with ourselves!

So what would you want?  How would you go about it?

Come on the next Board call.  Its at 8:00pm Eastern Australian Time on the last Monday of every month.  All initiated men are welcome to attend.  Call 03-8672 0160 and dial in access code 199692#.  Or if you prefer, email me.

This is about each and every one of you and our shared future.


Flying Wombat

Peter Lustig
board chairman

108 Gardenvale Road Gardenvale 3185; ph 9596 6888;  fx 9596 6811;
mob: 0407-196 669; ;     skype at peterslustig


From: Peter Lustig []

Sent: Sunday, 2 June 2013 5:06 PM
To: ‘Men Of Bellingen’
Cc: ‘Larry Dawson’; ‘Phillip Malouf’; ‘Mark Stephens’; ‘Klaus Daro’; ‘’; ‘brett Thornhill’; Terry Wimberley (
Subject: Bellingen NWTA

Brothers of Bellingen,

Thank you for your email to us of 3 April 2013.

In it, you have noted, in particular, that you “…have decided that running an NWTA in the current format is not sustainable in our small community and the overall cost to us is too high….As a result, we have decided not to run any further MKPAL NWTA’s in Bellingen.”

The Board notes with heartfelt approval “…that the Men of Bellingen are still passionate about the work and will likely pursue discussions to help create a NWTA operating model that we believe to be sustainable in small communities.”

To the extent the Board of MKPAL is able to do so, we offer our support in your endeavours and request that you both keep us informed of your progress and advise of anything we might do to assist.  We recognize that your desire to move towards greater sustainability, especially in smaller communities is important to your community and we also declare and recognize it to be an important part of the Board’s future planning and evolution as we all move further along the path of ensuring our culture and connection to Country play a key role in all that we do.

Going forward, we ask that you bear in mind that:

1          The MKPAL insurance policy only covers “sanctioned” MKP events.  Thus, any trainings or events you run outside of those approved by MKPAL will require you to obtain your own cover (if you so choose of course).  I-Groups, insofar as they continue to be MKP events, will continue to be covered under our Australia-wide policy.

2          Men who participate in your trainings/workshops in whatever capacity, if outside those approved by MKPAL, will not be entitled to recognition through official channels as having completed MKP specific trainings.  This will also mean they will not be able to be included in any membership lists of MKPAL or MKPI.

Aside from the above, the Board of MKP Australia applauds your courage to explore, invent, discover and hopefully inspire those in and around your community. It is the Boards fondest wish to be able to include and support all communities throughout Australia within the future regional re-structure plans presently being addressed.  We are committed to staying connected with the MOB to ensure your future involvement.

The Board also takes this opportunity to re-iterate the Vision Statement of ManKind Project International:

“Our vision is a safe world where all men are brothers, in relationship with one another, a world where conflicts are resolved peacefully; where torture, genocide, domestic violence and senseless war are only entries in the history books, where men are fully accountable and take responsibility for their decisions, where men stand tall and proud to be men, secure in their roles and deeply committed to nurturing one another, their families, their communities and their planet”.

In the interests of transparency and accountability, the Board will copy this letter to MKPI, the International Leader Council and of course all our initiated Brothers in Australia.


Peter Lustig
board chairman

108 Gardenvale Road Gardenvale 3185; ph 9596 6888;  fx 9596 6811;
mob: 0407-196 669; ;     skype at peterslustig

Men Of Bellingen []

Sent: Wednesday, 3 April 2013 1:56 PM
To: Larry Dawson; Phillip Malouf; Mark Stephens; Klaus Daro;; brett Thornhill; Peter Lustig
Subject: Bellingen NWTA


Dear Board Members

Last night the leaders of Men of Bellingen held a meeting to discuss our future NWTA’s. We asked ourselves the questions: why do we do what we do, how does that benefit our community and what price does it cost us in terms of our time and energy? We also asked ourselves if there might be a better way for us to do these?

 After much heartfelt discussion we have decided that running an NWTA in the current format is not sustainable in our small community and the overall cost to us is too high.

Our belief is that the current operating model with the MKPAL costs puts us over our threshold.

 As a result, we have decided not to run any further MKPAL NWTAs in Bellingen.

Please understand that the Men of Bellingen are still passionate about the work and will likely pursue discussions to help create a NWTA operating model that we believe to be sustainable in small communities.

Kind regards
The Men of Bellingen
3 April 2013

Address of the Bellingen Community to MKP Australia


To the MKP Australia Community

As you may know the Men of Bellingen did not hold a MKP New Warrior Training Adventure this year. This letter will hopefully go some way to explaining why that decision was made.

The community of Bellingen in Australia has been strongly involved in the Mankind Project since it was first introduced into Australia and has been passionate about the work and the value it brings to both individuals and communities ever since.

With only a community of about 5000 people, Bellingen has put on 6 NWTA’s, engaged in regular iGroups, introduced co-gender programs to the community and supported both the Australian and International network with Supporters, Directors and Leaders. For such a small community Bellingen NWTAs have consistently punched well above their weight and have earned a respected position in MPK internationally.

The drive to support the programs to this degree has been pursued because a number of key individuals believe in the value of the outcome over the cost of the effort and have rallied the efforts of a great team of men.

Sadly many of those men no longer believe this to be the case. In particular, they believe the effort and cost to a small community of organising an NWTA, especially under the current Australian MKPAL structure is such that it outweighs the value of the program.

Bellingen, a small community is well known for its passion and drive. Over the years it has developed an incredibly rich sense of community and delivers a range of outstanding programs and events across arts, music, literature and personal development often with success well disproportionate to its size.

It does this by delivering programs that are ‘authentic and congruent with the land and the people of Bellingen’. In this, it strengthens the notion of both the individual and the community.

Bellingen has done this over the years with its NWTA’s. The training is held under the guidance, blessing and attendance of their local Gumbaynggirr people; it is held on the land at a local campsite supported by others members of the community and it in turn supports various other local programs for young men and women. As any man who has experienced a Bellingen NWTA can attest, diversity, respect, community and the land are ‘grass roots’ components of any Bellingen NWTA.

Costs vs Benefit
Unfortunately, over the past few years the cost (time and resource) of holding an NWTA in a small community is tipping the balance from something that unites the community to something that potentially demands too much from too few and thus threatens to isolate and strain.

At present Mankind Project Australia Limited, the holder of the license to run an NWTA in Australia requires us to pay $9000/training towards their running costs and insurance; this is on top of our

cost to run the weekend.  To break even requires more participants and more support staff thus increasing the preparation workload and/or increasing initiate fees. These higher fees often put the training out of the reach of locals which then increases demands on existing members to support subsidies and fund raising efforts.

Additionally, the men and women supporting the NWTA are often the same people that assist the local youth mentoring, co-gender circles, sporting events and youth rites of passage programs.

Back to the Core
Bellingen have long considered what ‘NWTA success looks like’ for a small community and suggest sustainability, simplicity and accessibility are key elements.

1.   The effort of holding trainings must be sustainable.
Reducing the scale and logistical complexity of a training ensures that the available handful of the community do not pay too high a price.

2.   The spirit of the work must be maintained as paramount.
All other elements of the logistics should be simple, congruent with the local culture and not increase the workload on the community for no real value.

3.   The program must be accessible to the people it is intended to serve.
This includes the participants, the supporters and the community at large.

Men of Bellingen believes that the present structure run by MKPAL is not sustainable, simple or accessible for our community and suspects that it is also not sustainable nationwide.

A Gathering
There was not a NWTA held in August this year for the reasons already covered. We are however considering a ‘gathering’; this will not be a MKP event but rather a gathering of men who hold the Bellingen NWTA in their hearts. There will be teachings, learning, sweats, circles and whatever manifests itself when a bunch of good, authentic men gather. Logistics will be small, intension will be massive. This gathering will likely be held early next year and will include discussions around our relationship with both MKPAL and MKPAU.  Men of Bellingen have already indicated we would like to continue a close relationship with our MKP brothers around Australia. The gathering will be a good opportunity to discuss how that will look in the future regarding trainings.

Men of Bellingen


More News from the Community and Board

Initiated Men of Australia

At our recent monthly Board meeting attended by all Training Communities, a proposal was tabled by the Victorian Community requesting the Board formally approve the use of MKP intellectual property by them registering an unincorporated association to be called “MKP Victoria”.

The request was discussed, particularly in reference to the planned outcomes and the proposal by the Men of Victoria to embrace MKP requirements in relation to conducting NWTA’s and any other MKP sanctioned events.

A vote was called for and passed unanimously to authorize the Victorian Community to register MKP Victoria and conduct their business under that business name or  incorporated association.

The purpose of this email is to inform every Training Centre in Australia that we as your elected representatives on the Board of MKPAL are excited that the Victorian Community has independently decided to not only register and conduct business under the MKP banner, it has decided to be the first take advantage of the proposal from MKPAL to regionalise all Australian Training Centers (although the North East Community is close on their heels).

As this is fully in line with MKPAL future policies, the Board wanted to share this exciting news with all the Training Communities and to ask them to consider following Victoria’s lead in establishing their own Regional structures.

Internationally at present there are many “balls in the air” in reference to Australia and indeed all the Regions of MKPI becoming more self governing; the Leader Council is reforming a world body that will see representation from all regions within the leader-body and with that comes local Leader Bodies making decisions on what happens within their Regions. 

In reference to MKPI itself, the same proposals are being raised, with changes that will see more self governance and less financial commitments to the International body. 

In Australia, the local proposal is almost exactly the same as that being proposed Internationally.  The plan here in Aus is to empower the Training Centers to run their own communities as they wish; take ownership of decisions made within those regions and create a relationship where MKPAL only holds a risk management role within Australia, ongoingly from 2014.

That might look like MKPAL holding the Regional Covenant issued by MKPI which reflects the responsibility for the protection of the Intellectual Property; it will create and provide insurances to cover all staff and participants (including I-groups) and ensure we have representation internationally when needed as per proposed new Regional Agreements of MKPI.  Our local regions would take ownership of conducting their weekend trainings and events, retain all income and meet the minimal expenses planned for MKPAL in 2014 and beyond.

So it is now up to the you men within the Training Centers to do what Victoria has done, discuss the ideas and benefits, get real clear on the outcomes you want within your Area/Region, plan what that might look like, and then take action. 

MKPAL is planning in 2014 to changeover the responsibilities of running weekends to the Regions/Training Centers.  It will require new ways of looking at how that might happen and what these changes may mean. 

So because we want to be absolutely transparent in this next phase of MKPAL, it was proposed and passed at the meeting that a face to face meeting be held sometime around mid November.  We ask that two men from each of the Training Centers attend to discuss and plan outcomes. 

We also suggest that funds needed to get men to this event be accessed from the Training Centers’ accounts which are in credit within MKPAL.  What do you say?

The next Board meeting is scheduled to take place at 8:00pm Eastern Australian Time each last Monday of the month.  All initiated men are welcome to attend.  Call 03-8672 0160 and dial in access code 199692#.


Flying Wombat
Peter Lustig
board chairman

108 Gardenvale Road Gardenvale 3185; ph 9596 6888;  fx 9596 6811;
mob: 0407-196 669; ;     skype at peterslustig


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