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Apply to Staff the New Warrior Training Adventure at

Koonjewarre, Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Oct 31st – Nov 3rd 2013


Applications to Staff the next New Warrior Training Adventure on Oct 31st – Nov 3rd 2013 at Koonjewarre, Springbrook Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland are now being accepted.

You are invited to apply to staff the above training or serve on the Men of Service Team (“MOS”).
We currently need 30 Staff Men. A mixture of Senior, Mid level, Junior Men and Rookies are required.
Once we reach 30 Staff Men and have the correct staffing levels, applicants will be put on a waiting list, until we confirm initiate numbers.
Staff Applications close at 12.00pm Sunday 19th September, 2013.  Get your application in to avoid missing out!
Staff selection will be announced by 7.00pm Saturday 21st September 2013.

Will you be joining us up on the mountain? The drums are calling again …
Read the documents linked here, so you are clear about the staffing commitment.


Apply to Staff the New Warrior Training Adventure at

Camp Woody, Stoneville, Western Australia

October 17th – 20th 2013


Read the documents linked here, so you are clear about the staffing commitment.


Connection to Country

Men of the MKP Australian Community,

Hi my name is Mark Williams, animal name Bidjar (Buck Possum), I live in Melbourne and did my NWTA in 2003 at Eagle Heights QLD, since then I have staffed 13 weekends here and in Nth America.

In the early days I have sat in I groups in Melbourne when we had only 3 men, holding  space for years and it is with great pride I see the MKPMelbourne community going from strength to strength, 2 x Igroups, developing connection to community, plans for hosting another training and even a group of men meeting regularly to look at their own ‘connection to country’ in the Melbourne area.
I am also an Aboriginal man who has at times bought to the forefront what I believe is a disconnect between an American based training and how that fits in a land which has been initiating men in the earth for thousands of years and hopefully how to value add to the amazing NWTA training. Ie: connection to land through traditional owners…….

I have sat in many circles and had many conversations about this and have always wanted some opportunity for men in the MKP to gain a deeper connection to the Mother(land), Aboriginal Australia and ultimately ‘SELF’.
So it’s after many years of conversation and waiting for the right avenue to present itself that another MKP Aboriginal brother Colin Moore and I would like you to join us for an exclusive opportunity in late October to experience for yourself ‘Connection to Country’.

Our host is a highly respected Aboriginal LORE man/elder who is giving a limited number of men the opportunity to come and participate in Ceremony, including Dreaming stories and Corroboree. Imagine yourself hearing 60,000 year old stories under 60 million stars with your MKP brothers.
So if you have ever wondered where to start or how to build on your understanding of Aboriginal Australia we suggest this would be a perfect place and opportunity or maybe you’re just ready for your next journey?

If any of this touches a chord with you please contact us ASAP….

The Fact’s
Cost:         $799
Where:        Road Trip from Melbourne to our destination – Tamworth NSW (possible road trips from Sydney and Brisbane if participant numbers are sufficient)
When:        23-28th October
How:        Camping experience
Includes:        Camp location costs, site visits, Dreaming Stories, Special Ceremony and feast, Corroboree & hosting by LORE man.
Not included:    Camping equipment, most meals (participants will be encouraged pool together resources and costs)

Email Colin with your details and to say I’M IN! AHO!.
To secure spot pay into this account with id C2C and your initials, for eg: C2CMW

Authentic Community Training
BSB: 063-130
Acc No: 10249317

Any further questions or details, please phone Colin  0468 3 111 32  or  Mark  0458 070 004

Warm Regards,
Mark Williams

Experience growth in self awareness in a supportive environment

Experience Gestalt therapy…

The Gestalt experience will support men to gain more awareness of their emotional selves and enable them to live a more authentic and responsible life.
READ MORE about the Gestalt Institute’s offer here.


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