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Invitation to Staff on the
New Warrior Training Adventure

Minto, Sydney, NSW
April 30th – May 3rd 2015

Perth, WA
May 28th – May 31st 2015

Auckland, NZ
April 30th – May 3rd 2015

Woman Within weekend

September 11th – 13th 2015

Sydney NWTA

Hi All,

At five weeks out we have ten men enrolled and paid.

This is a great result and I want to share my gratitude and excitement….

Last night at Enmore open house we hosted three new men, and a regular but non-initiated man brought his lovely wife – a great acknowledgement of how that man values our community – and he is already signed up for Minto in May.  I would like to see more men attend the open house to share their stories …please..

The training energy is building, and I feel blessed and excited


1) APPLY TO STAFF ON THE MKPAU WEBSITE – we need more staff of all levels – the three week out meeting is in two weeks tonight, probably at the rocks I-group venue.
Staffing is like doing your weekend again at one fifth of the price…

Apply online here:

You will need your mkpconnect.org login and password.
If you have issues with the process please contact Sam Bauers:

0410 502 303          

Staff Coordinator – Sydney NWTA 2015
2) TALK TO THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE about this beautiful weekend of grace and enlightenment, and they will be glad you did.

There is one more open house, in April.
The first early bird price ($795) finished last night.  The second early bird price ($870) lasts till the next open house.
If you have any concerns or wants, or simply feel like a chat about the weekend, call me

With love
Peter Lee
Quiet elephant
I build a world of abundance, so come and join me….

Perth NWTA

Its time to mobilise our MKP community Its time to build our container for the men that will be waiting at the gate.

The New Warrior Training Adventure
Dare Outdoor Adventure Camp, Dwellingup, Western Australia
May 29-31, 2015

For those that have already – thank you for stepping up!!
We need more of you to sign up to staff now!
Every initiated man is welcome. We don’t care about your rank, or experience or abilities!

All you need to do is go to the website and PUT YOUR NAME DOWN!!

Please make your application ASAP at http://au.mkp.org/warrior/staff_app/staff_app_01.php
MKPAL membership here: http://tinyurl.com/onrv4js

If you have any difficulties logging in got to: Trouble Logging In? Click Here (see below)

Staff applications will close at 7pm Friday 24 April 2015.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me, on 0413 954 070 or the training and enrolment coordinator, Joe Douglas on 0434 897 115

Here’s to a fantastic new training!

Brian Curtis
Staff Coordinator
Warrior Kookaburra
Tel: 0413 954 070

New Zealand NWTA

Kia ora e Tane ma (Hello/ Good health men)

I staff on the NWTA because I know that the world that I care about and the vision that I see for the world will not come about without more consciousness in the world. Without more men who are accountable, can be vulnerable, who can ask others for support, can support each other and who can role model the world they wish to see.

I know from the last weekend here that in choosing to show up, I am also holding a vision for a better version of myself to come out of the weekend when I go home on the Sunday to return to my family, community and work.

On behalf of our community here in Aotearoa New Zealand, I warmly invite you to come join us in staffing the next NWTA here in Auckland.

The energy of the NWTA here in Aotearoa New Zealand is a unique expression. We welcome energy and wisdom you bring knowing that you will take away a part of the energy from here back to your communities.

I see there is unique work that men in our communities do in staffing together, and also there is unique work for our communities do in within the lands and cultures we inhabit.

I invite you to register for staffing, have a look at travel (we are not that far), schedule in your calendar on this upcoming NWTA 1-3 May in Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Preparations start earlier in the day on Thursday 30th April, and you would be expected to be on site by 6pm on Thursday, completing late afternoon on Sunday.

Graduation night is Monday evening. Men who come may like to stay a couple of days either side but that is obviously up to you.

To register online, visit http://mkpnz.mkp.org/warrior/index.php

Any issues with logging into the system- there are instructions on the webpage, or come back to me.

If you would be staffing for the first time, I invite you to also check in with the other brothers from your weekend about joining you in staffing. There are roles allocated for you during the weekend and so you can ignore this part of the staff application process.

Staff fee is waived for those travelling from overseas from men.

This is one of two staffing opportunities Aotearoa NZ in 2015. The next one will not be until November this year.

Any questions do come back to me carlchenery@gmail.com or +6421470642.

In service and support,
Shining Jaguar
Staff Coordinator – May 2015 NZ NWTA 
Multicultural, Power, Privilege & Diversity Advisor – MKPNZ

Woman Within September 2015

Hello men,
Please be aware that there will be a Woman Within Weekend in Perth 11-13 September this year.

Are you able to help us spread the word?
Registrations are open NOW and payment plans are available.

Go to www.womanwithinaustralia.org

Please feel free to give my details to any women who would like to have a chat about it.

Many thanks

Melissa Frey
Woman Within WA Committee

M: 0415 854 515



Please contact  support@mkpau.org  for any inquiries, support, referrals …
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