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Bellingen Budget

NWTA Western Australia

It’s an exciting time in Perth, Spring is sprung, the flowers are starting to bloom, and it’s just 3 weeks until our fist NWTA since fire destroyed our former home at Camp Woody. Our “New Beginnings” training promises to be exciting, challenging and different, and from the mood at last night’s staff meeting, it will be very special indeed! We already have 20 men signed up, and with several open houses to come, we are looking to have 32 men at the gate on Thursday night.

BUT, we have a slight problem. Several staff have been forced to stand down, leaving us a little stretched for staff. So, we are asking you if you might consider helping out. We ask you to join us in this adventure, no matter whether you have never staffed before, of have done it 50 times. And, because we know it will cost you to get here, we will waive any staff fees for our interstate and international brothers. We should also be able to arrange accommodation for you before and after the weekend, and, with luck, transport to and from the airport. That’s got to be a pretty attractive travel package!
So, if you think you might want to be part of another magical weekend, either give me a call, or simply enrol online using the link below.
Every initiated man is welcome. We don’t care about your rank, or experience or abilities!

When: October 9-12, 2014
Where: Dare Outdoor Adventure Camp, Dwellingup, Western Australia

Please make your application ASAP at

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me, on 0433 367 563 or the training and enrolment coordinator, Joe Douglas on 0434 897 115
Here’s to a fantastic new beginning!

Jeremy Henderson
Worthy Flying Stallion
Staff coordinator
0433 367 563

NWTA in New Zealand

Staff applications are now open for the NWTA in West Auckland in November 2014. We invite you to cross the ditch and staff on a weekend in New Zealand.
The leaders for the weekend will be:
Walt Stewart (USA)
Dan Nepia (NZ)
Mick Lea (AUS)

We will follow a similar “every man is a leader” theme to the last, very successful, NZ weekend. You will be supported and encouraged to step to your edge: you know, the bit that is sometimes scary …. but comes with new awareness!

Go to or your local MKP website and log in with your username and password and complete the staff application.

As staff, you are required to be at Karanga from pm Thursday 6 November until the end of the training on Sunday 9 November. It will be spring/summer and warm! Best to arrange flights to arrive on the 5th or early on the 6th and leave on the 10th or late on the 9th.

We build the staff email list from this so the sooner you can get this done the sooner you will receive the staff communications.
Staff donations will be waived for Australian brothers joining us in this next adventure and learning.

Any questions please flick an email to me.
Eagle guiding the wise Wolf
Martin Cahnbley
+64 21 883 291

NWTA on the Gold Coast


The next New Warrior Training Adventure is on 14th – 16th November 2014 at Koonjewarre, Springbrook Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland staffing and MOS are now being accepted.

Staff Applications close at 7.00pm Thursday 16th October, 2014. Get your application in to avoid missing out!
New Brothers from previous training that have not staffed before this is your time to see what happens behind the scenes and be part of the staffing this application applies also to you.
Staff selection will be announced by 7.00pm Saturday 18th October 2014.
A number of documents are attached to this email to help you be very clear about the commitments you make when applying to staff, please read them before applying.
Our enrolment coordinator Bob Stone is waiting for your call if you know of any man that may want to do the weekend give Bob a call on
0499 160 500 or
email and Bob will do the rest.

In the spirit of new beginnings enrolments processes have changed.

Staff Registrations: Please note access to our new staff registration system is via
MKP Connect
To apply follow instructions in this document

If you already applied to staff and did not receive a confirmation email which included your entire application form simply re-apply or contact myself on or 0411 511 749.

Medical form & payments:
Be prepared that we will be using a new online medical form & new payment gateway so when the time comes please follow the new instructions please wait until after staff selection for the above.

These new system are being use for the first time in MKP AU & hopefully will lead to a simplified process to all involved. However – as with all things IT, there might be some gremlins still hiding in the shadows… be patience & help shine the light on such issues (i.e. your feedback is appreciated).

John Pearman
Staff Coordinator
November NWTA Qld
0411 511 749

MKP IT Update

Uri Bookman has come to the rescue of the MKP IT platform, as I was slightly overwhelmed (if there is such a thing). He has prepared a comprehensive report on the status quo of the main IT elements we are looking at upgrading over the next few months.
Please read through it to get informed and especially when you want to contribute in this vital project.

Much has happened in the last few weeks.

For those who have any spare time (even just few hours) this will identify what help is needed. OR you may know men in your community who have these skills and have the time.

We are starting to redevelop a new national website in WordPress.
Christopher Heneghan from WA will be developing the site & men from the community will be encouraged to contribute content.
Gerold, Christopher & myself had a discussion around creating mini sites for each regions vs a national site with a few pages for each regions.
We want to create a platform which empowers the regions & enables them to promote & add content that suit their community & on the other hand we want to ensure that the look & feel of the site will stay unanimous even in 5 or 10 years.
We have decided that since this is a “marketing tool” a national site will provide an outsider a better overall view of MKP.
Each region will have a number of pages which will look identical but might have region specific content for example: landing page, info specific to their NWTA, local I-Groups information, community event calendar, links, photos etc…
Men in each region we will have ability to add & edit content in regional pages
All men in the community will be invited to contribute content to the main site – pictures, videos, poems etc…

Timing: We are aiming to complete this before end of the year
Cost: Thank to Chris donating his time, at this stage cost is looking to be minimal
How can you help:

Chris is a developer & could do with help from a designer
Content – current content needs to be reviewed. new fresh, alive, current content added. it can look like reviewing or creating one page/post or locating existing MKP videos which you think we could add to our site. It could look like editing movies from existing raw footage etc…

Medical form
From created & been reviewed by doctors & medics, as well as by Phil Malouf looking for any insurance issues.
Peter Lustig to review the legal aspect of the form & the electronic signature.
We are looking to integrate the onsite release form into this too.
Try it out here & provide me your feedback (I can delete any entries you make – no need to input real information)
The intention is to use this form for Staff only in the November NWTA in QLD
This will allow us to fine tune our processes around it (co-ordinators/ Reviewing doctors/ Medic etc..)

Timing: Planning to use it for both staff & participants in 2015
Cost: No additional cost
How can you help:

Help me to create or review the back-end reviewing process

Other Surveys & enrolment forms
more forms been created,
enrolment forms are still to be created.

Timing: this is on low priority now & aim to have it in place for 2015
Cost: No additional cost
How can you help:

Create forms & or surveys
Create or review the back-end process for enrolments

IT database
As previously advised MKPI are developing a system which can support our needs.
Gerold & me have been in contact with John from MKP IT team & have made good progress.
Once we used /tested those systems further we will be able to make more recommendations i.e. continue with MKPI or create our own system.
While these systems may come with their own list of issues they are also being custom developed by MKP men for MKP usage.

Timing: We will know more by end of 2014
Costing: Currently we pay MKPI ~$2000 per year for all our IT needs without payments for additional development.
While we identified better solutions in Australia annual cost might be double & more men hours will be required to manage this system.

In MKPI what I call IT Database is divided into 4 parts, which are:

MKP Serve lite
Staff registration system – integrated into MKP Connect.
Launched 2 weeks ago in US, they are not meant to let us use it until all bugs are ironed out, but…I requested to be a Guinea pig for QLD NOV NWTA.
this is a good chance for us to test this system & will help us evaluate what it can do in the future.
Gerold & I will deal with any technical bugs. The key issues we will face is users not knowing their password to MKP connect & this is covered in the below instructions.
Here is a link to a document & a video which will details how to apply to a test event in Australia Feel free to try it out for yourself. all it takes is 5 minutes.
The application process is simple for the men who apply & for the staff coordinator who will manage it.

I’m working on integration of staff registrations into each regions own PayPal (or other) payment gateway)

Timing: If this tests goes well we can use it Australia wide in 2015
Cost: No additional cost
How can you help:

it’s in beta stages & we have it covered at this stage

note: you will notice MKP Serve is lite version – MKP Serve full is an event management system which will expend the capabilities of MKP Serve lite. It will be designed & developed in 2015. Men in MKPI will be invited to help design it which means to some degree we will be able to effect it’s usability.

How can you help: we can help design MKP serve full

MKP Welcome
Enrolment prospecting
This has two parts.
part 1: Prospecting – this is still in developments (Sugar CRM )
Past 2: Registrations – this is ready – However, to minimise disruption to men & to Bob Stone (Enrolment co-ordinator), we will keep using CAA as our enrolments system for this NWTA.
Gerold & me will enter all registrations manually to the new system as a test.

Timing: All things being well we could be using this new system in 2015
Cost: No additional cost
How can you help: once we have access to it we will know better – but please let me know if you are experienced with Sugar CRM

MKP Connect
This is the existing warrior profiles / I-Groups/v-groups/shared files & event calendar system
There is more scope to us customising it to suit our needs & educating men in the community how to use it.

Timing: This is lower priority at this stage as it is operational
Cost: No additional cost
How can you help: some simple customisation to the system & education of men in Australia (create a video ?)

Mailing system
Cause of much pain to the community. MKPI are working to use Google groups as backend engine to MKP connect V-groups. This may resolve some of the current bugs & frustration.
it will mean email traffic will go in & out of Google servers & among other things hopefully means we will be able to create & modify our own V-Groups.

Timing: planned to be ready by end of this year
Cost: No additional cost
How can you help: by being patient (-:

If you have any juice to contribute & or spare time we’d love to had from you.

In Service
Uri Bookman
m: 0425-775941

Social Media

Boost the facebook Likes & Shares.
If you haven’t done so already please LIKE the facebook page of MKP Australia and SHARE the posts and events. It is a great platform to reach out and spread information.
Sydney had great results with the use of ‘
Our Twitter account’s name is
Whatever tools work for you to spread the word.

Eldership Gathering

October 10-14, Gold Coast Hinterland, SE Queensland

Greetings Men,
Our keynote speaker for the Saturday night special dinner is former Gold Coast Mayor and Olympic Gold Medallist Ron Clarke.

The gathering is being advertised nationally and around New Zealand, with our Kiwi MWB Elder Alan Blackburn bringing his experience to join with that of our own Elders for our rituals and ceremonies.

Watch for an update on the key speakers and facilitators over the next few weeks. This will be a phenomenal gathering with some great discussions on Eldering for any men aged 50 and over.

A flier and the program are attached, with full details and the program up on the Men’s Wellbeing Website

We look forward to seeing to.
Hunter Reed.

For the NEG Organising Committee
Dean Olafsen, Alan Blackburn, Paul Mischefski, Gary Cox, Rob Clarke, Peter Rohan, Hunter Reed

Information Events

Please send through any planned events like Open Houses, Information Events etc, so they can be advertised on the MKP-AU website and facebook.

Send your details to


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