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The best way to find out what impact the New Warrior Training Adventure and the work of the ManKind Project has on Men is to let them do the talking.
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What defines a Man and what is his role in life ?!
These are two major questions you will be challenged with and supported through
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We are a group of Men who want a better life for ourselves and the people close to us.
Supported by each other we strive to grow. Grow into personal leadership, through rough times, to be a better father/partner/friend – whatever your journey may be, there is a circle of Men to walk with you.

The ManKind Project Australia is a volunteer organisation with charity status and operates from 5 centres in Australia in close cooperation with the groups in New Zealand. The global network spans South Africa, the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland – a brotherhood of over 60,000 Men.