90 New Warriors Invade Bellingen

Ninety Men from around Australia ‘invaded’ Bellingen at the weekend, spending 3 days at the Pathways/Y2A campsite in Glennifer battling the shadows of unexplored feelings that stop them being truly present in their lives.

About 40 Bellingen men participated in the weekend, which was organised by the Bellingen Mankind Project Men’s Group. Similar gatherings are held in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane but the Bellingen gathering is the biggest.

‘The weekend is an intense, transformative men’s training, where the paticipants form a deep, conscious connection between head and heart’ said Billy Hill, Elder of the Bellingen MKP.

“We also have a lot of fun, and being out in the bush with a bunch of blokes is a great experience in itself”
From the Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun
Participants of the Mankind Project New Warrior Weekend at Bellingen August 2010