I remember shortly after my initial training how much I wanted to talk about the ManKind Project with pretty much everyone, yet couldn’t put it into the right words to ‘convince’ someone else of how amazing the experience is. And then there were the discussions in i-Group around how to talk to a man and what feelings it brings up in me/us and starting to feel like having clipped wings …

Entering the Enrolment Manager.
To you as a New Warrior this role is a significant support structure enabling you to refer your friends and family to this work in a professional and supportive way.
The role of the Enrolment Manager is to take the pressure OFF you as an individual and it allows you to nominate any referral to me – which then allows you to offer your services in other areas to help support the Queensland Brotherhood running these trainings throughout the year.
The role is as follows:
• I will provide support for you as an initiated man in explaining the benefits of this work to men you may know or are related to.
• I will speak to any man who is interested in the New Warrior Training Adventure and the work of the ManKind Project.
• I will guide them through the process of registration for the training weekend and I will ensure the necessary paperwork is in place.

The support I need from you is simply to keep chatting to men and women about what we do – as this will ensure that there is ongoing interest and support for anyone who needs or is looking for this kind of work.

This is as simple as

#1 Speaking to someone who you think can possibly benefit from what we do – an easy way to introduce this work is to simply share what you got out of it. How it changed you and the effect on your family etc… If the guy and or the woman you are speaking to about the New Warrior Training Adventure is interested the BEST way to move it forward is to say this.

“John”… I see you are a little interested in what it is I have shared with you and to support you if you are happy with it – what I will do is refer your name to our Professional Enrolment Manager we have within the organisation – he has the ability to explain the weekend much more easily than me – AND if it is you are then interested, he will help you register for our next training weekend … Oh and John… there is no pressure and no obligation – we are a charitable organisation so the major winner here is YOU – do you understand?

#2 Then ask them, so you are OK for the Enrolment Manager to get in touch with them … if Yes then ask them for the following –
(If NO then simply say to them that you will remind them of this conversation in three months time … if he asks why, then simply say that you love him enough to care for him and his family etc ! that’s all)

#3 If YES then ask them for his mobile phone and email details and tell him to expect a call within 4-7 days.

That’s really it …
If you are uncertain, ring me.

And, please be aware of the JARGON and ABBREVIATIONS we so easily use. Because this may alienate someone on the ‘outside’.

In Service
Gerold, Majestic Buck
0435 596 952
Enrolments.QLD [at] mankindproject.org.au