The Mankind Project, or MKP for short, is multi faceted creature, a network of autonomous men’s groups, communities and training centres situated in many locations across this vast land of Australia.

At the core of  this community is a men’s educational training weekend workshop, The New Warrior Training Adventure, men attending a New Warrior Training Adventure are, among other things, shown the value of having a personal mission in life.

Just like each of our members, MKP the organisation has a mission; “to change the world one man at a time” and like any mission, it’s journey rather than the destination that matters.  So accepting our shortcomings as individuals and as a community is a part of who we are; a band of dependable men seeking to rediscover and teach that which is sacred to the masculine and pass on what we have found to other men.

We value our elders, and have a strong emphasis on learning by doing.   A bunch of Aussie blokes learning by doing!!   Men mentoring men to become better men!

Our aim is to understand who we each are as individuals and mature men, develop the skills for living a life of connection and purpose as emotionally fluid, connected, responsible, accountable men in our families, workplaces, local and the wider communities.

While we are not there yet, we have a mission to get there one day and we reckon there’s surely something wonderful about men striving to become better men.

MKP acknowledges Aboriginal Australians as the first people of this land.  MKP is a community committed to inclusiveness; we strive toward embracing the values of reconciliation through acknowledging the past and embracing a different dream for the future, we’re not there yet and are earnestly striving to become better men.

It’s true to say MKP welcomes all ways of being and or believing and while we have no affiliation with any religion nor do we teach any dogma or doctrine, we do strive to make all beliefs and non-beliefs welcome.

For more info about us, times and locations of our New Warrior Training Adventure or where you might find a men’s group close to you, please go to the MKP Contacts page.



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