For information regarding the New Warrior Training Adventure of your choice
Request More Info or ring 1300 948 947.

Fees for the New Warrior Training Adventure vary depending on the logistical costs for the individual training centre.
Most training weekends are around the $1,000 mark. Some centres offer Early Bird schemes, Payment Plans or Community Support.
Don’t let a temporary financial situation hold you back from the weekend, ask about the possibilities and inquire locally.

Once registered the local Enrolment Manager will get in touch with you.
An initial payment secures your spot on the training and you will receive a Pre-Weekend Infopackage, which holds detailed information for the weekend and some forms that need to be submitted before the training date.

You can have a read of some basic logistics of the training weekend in order for you to plan.

New Warrior Training Adventure 19-21 October, Perth WA

New Warrior Training Adventure 2-4 November, Gold Coast QLD

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