Prior to the training weekend you will receive an email with detailed instructions.
Below is some information so you can start planing.

The PROTOCOL on how a New Warrior Training Adventure is run is the same around the globe, meaning it doesn’t make a difference at which centre you participate. Each region/country adapts the weekend to its cultural needs otherwise every training has the same flow and processes.

After REGISTERING online you will be contacted by the local Enrolment Coordinator who can answer any further questions, especially regional logistics. Next step in the registration process is the payment of either a deposit or the full fee, which secures your space on the training.
This triggers the Pre-Weekend Information Package to be emailed to you, which holds details about the event and material to prepare you to get the most out of the weekend. One part of this package is a medical self-assessment form which is vital to be submitted as soon as possible.

FEES for the New Warrior Training Adventure vary depending on the logistical costs for the individual training centre. Most training weekends are around the $1000 mark. Some centres offer Early Bird schemes, Payment Plans or community support. Don’t let a temporary financial situation hold you back from the weekend, ask about the possibilities and inquire locally.
The moneys made are used to cover the costs to run a weekend. This includes venue, accommodation, food, licensing fees, administrative costs (e.g. insurance). The only person paid for the weekend are the Leaders, which is more a token acknowledgment for their time and taking on the responsibility for the training, rather then a wage. Every centre does its best to keep costs – your fee – as low as possible and if money is left after all obligations are taken care of it stays with the community in order to support financially challenged man and enable the running of other workshops.
Please ensure to pay at least the deposit to secure your spot on the training weekend.

TIMES of the weekend is from 6.00pm on the Friday and goes through to Sunday around 4.00pm. It is advised to arrange your life accordingly, so you do not need to distract yourself with any outside commitments while being there.

If you need TRANSPORT to the training site or to/from the airport the Transport Coordinator will get you in touch with other participants to share the drive.
Accommodation and food is provided for. If there are any special dietary needs let the Enrolment Coordinator know.

After the training weekend a HOMECOMING Ceremony is held in celebration of your achievement. This is usually on the Monday or Tuesday right after the weekend, plan to make it possible to attend. This social event is intended especially for friends and family to be part of as well.

Heard any WEIRD STORIES about the ManKind Project ? Yes …
No, we are not a cult or religion. No, we do not make you touch each other’s private parts. No, it is not a boot camp.
Yes, we are very scarce with giving out information on what’s happening on the weekend itself. This is due to the nature of the training. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a cleverly put together journey of self-inquiry with around 50 processes that go hand in hand. One process prepares you for the next, so it would be unfair to tell you about a specific one, as it is only a small piece in a much bigger journey.
All we want to say is: “Trust the process”.
To receive an adequate answer to any specific questions best contact someone locally or ring 1300 948 947.

Many of the regular GROUPS welcome visitors prior to them doing the training weekend. Get in touch with the circle near you to find out, if the ManKind Project offers what you may need or want in your life.