We asked Men who have gone through the New Warrior Training Adventure three questions.

• How I was introduced to the ManKind Project
• What I got out of the weekend
• The Mission* for my life that I found or how it impacted my life

* ‘Mission’ is one of the outcomes on the training weekend. It gives purpose, direction and guidance in a person’s life.

This is their response.

Gerold, 51 years, EFT Practitioner and Tutor

I wanted to do something in personal development, as I felt stuck in my life (42), a good friend suggested the New Warrior Training Adventure and I simply trusted his words that it changed his life.
Empowerment as a Man comes to mind first for what I got out.
The mission I discovered is “I create a World of Joy by connecting in a loving way” and it has since been a guide whenever things were not going smooth to reflect on and to change how I am treating others and myself.

Shannon, 41, Manager (engineering/planning)

My business coach was in contact with a man who had been on an NWT weekend. She put me onto Steve Boston.
A whole new appreciation for the need for love – to give it and receive it.
I’d created a very hard shell that protected me from love and being able to give it wholly.
The power of meditation.
I think its something around creativity, construction and living sustainable in the environment.

Carter, 47, Management Advisor

A friend invited me to an Open Circle.
A sense for the possibility of living and being in a new way. A new hope. Joy. Deep connection with other men. Being OK with my pain and vulnerability. Awareness that I had more work to do on myself, and that there was support in doing it.
I learned how to create a world of truth, trust, love and acceptance by creating it in myself. And I found the courage and purpose I needed to be in service to others. And that has made all the difference.

Alex, 31, HVAC tech

Suggested by a holistic therapist.
What I got out of the weekend was a lighter and softer heart.
Mission is “create a world of healing and growth” for other Men.

Leo, 66 years old, Residential Builder

I was introduced by a man who was in this work who sensed it would help me.
I got great clarity about who I was as a man, my strength and the areas I needed to work on. That was 14 years ago, and my journey continues as a much better, happier, more aware husband and father.
My mission is “I create a better world by speaking my truth and seeing the good in others”. I heartily commend this work and brotherhood to all men.

Brett, 53, Solution Architect

A friend introduced me and took me to an open house at Bald Hills.
I learnt that real men can show and express their feelings without fear and still be a man.
Going to the weekend. has made me proud of the man that I have become. With the ongoing support of my i-Group brothers and the ManKind Project community in general.